Next men's circle will be in autumn, you will be noticed well ahead.

MEN'S CIRCLE BRNO 6th March 2018

topic: Roots

Men's power needs regular "refueling" or refill. That can happen through masculine community where safety, trust and mutual respect are the ruling principles.

In men's circle, we are inspired by a way of sharing called a "council". It is a frank, heartfelt sharing and listening, open self-expression without fear and masks. In atmosphere of utmost respect, trust and empathy, and acceptance of each individual member as he is, brings strong healing effect for man's psyche.

Hi men,

How does it feel to walk freely? To travel, to change place, to change my spot, to move from place to place?

While you ponder this, take a moment to realize your roots. Do you feel them? Are they something you come from, are they your starting point, your stepping stone in various situations? Or are they something you run away from, a reason for shame, a reason for sadness, or madness?

Let us meet in a council, a place where we are respectful, equal, open and truly listening to each other. Let us meet, share and inspire in a circle.

I'm looking forward to meeting you,


Come, see and you will find out...

Next meeting: Tuesday 6th March 2018, 6 pm. Let's meet at 5:45 pm, so that we can "land", greet each other and begin on time. 

Where we meet: Studio ViaRa, Poštovská 3, dowtown Brno. The entrance to the building is opposite the Alfa passage, right to an optics store. Heavy-duty wooden door.

It is possible to buy little refreshment and both cold and hot drinks in the studio.

Confirm your intention to come to the circle via e-mail. By doing so, the topic of the meeting will start doing its job inside you.
Petr Hadač
cellphone: 608 470 704

Price: contribution to the organization is 250,- CZK (paid in cash at the end of the event).

Next meetings and their frequency will be determined according to the needs of the circle's members.

If you want to be informed about events and meetings, join our mailing list:

Circles are facilitated by Petr Hadač - mentor of the men's training Masculine Power in Slovakia and a life-coach

I've been asking tough questions and looking for answers from early childhood. So I know how it feels to do this alone, or with my head drowned in books of wisdom. It is much faster and more lively process when it is being done with people who search as well. Men's circle is a platform for topics that afflict us men the most. It is a trustworthy place where we seek for answers and openly share our experiences and different view angles. Those are the source of inspiration and motivation. They help us to enhance the quality and speed of processes that we happen to be in.

Come, see and you will find out...