Webinar for men:

How to grow up sexually and relationally?


HOW finally?! to grow up in a relationship with a woman without losing your wife, wife and family…

Get rid of passivity in your relationship and become
a proactive man.

Wednesday 13th December @ 6:30pm

Entrance fee is 6 EUR

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Through our years of mentoring and therapy, we have learned that WHY you want to change is more important to growth than WHAT you actually do…

Gregor Steinmaurer

therapist, mentor, guide

Václav Němeček

mentor, lecturer a guide
13th December
at 6:30pm

Why should you join this live webinar?

The topic of moving from the thinking, consciousness and behavior of a boy to the consciousness and responsible actions of a grown man is a very big one in our world.

Living in a grown man's body doesn't mean you're living as a fully grown man. Just look around the world. Influential leaders and politicians often act like little boys, stuck in a sandbox fight over who has the biggest toys. Unfortunately, these toys are now atomic bombs and can destroy our world.

In this webinar we will look at the principles that allow us to truly mature, grow and change. How to do it to really grow up? What does it take? To make you feel really good about yourself, that you are a proud man next to your wife...

An immature man often manifests himself as a passive child who waits for what the partner invents and creates in the relationship...

Change and growth are natural to life, but sometimes you can feel stuck somewhere along the way. Although growth is natural, it is not always a given that we will actually fully mature, become a fully mature, responsible, grounded and resilient adult man.

If we resist the natural cycle of change, we begin to suffer. If there is enough suffering, we can be motivated to change, but sometimes we just don't know how.

If we want to change to please our partner, hope to get more love and attention from others, or simply want to impress the world, we may not get very far.

There are many principles from ancient traditions, new understandings of neuroscience, and plain old common sense that inform and guide this work—but the most important thing is to find out who you really want to become as a man.

When we follow this innate wisdom and inner motivation, change becomes easy and natural. This is who you want to be and this is the best partner, lover, father, son and friend you can be.

I cordially invite you to this webinar, where you will understand where and why you fail in pursuing the development of your woman and how to gain your full power and dignity in your relationship with your woman...
My guest will be my friend and colleague Gregor Steinmaurer
Václav Němečekmentor, guide, creator of programs for men, co-guide for couples

Test yourself. Ask yourself if you are living in your grown man or boy version of yourself:

  • How much time during the day do I try (actively or in imagination) to impress, please, or gain love and attention from others?
  • Do I know what I want to do with my life, what is most important to me, and is it something that I devote enough time to?
  • In my personal and work relationships, how often do I avoid conflict to tidy up or compromise my clarity and truth?
  • Can I regulate myself, feed myself with friends, activities and healthy resources?
  • How easy or difficult is it for me to take responsibility for my actions and behavior? Do I find myself often defending or explaining myself, feeling guilty or blaming others?
  • How easy or difficult is it for me to be there for someone else, to take responsibility for someone else's well-being, and even to put my own needs aside when necessary?

What will this live webinar bring you?

  • More clarity on what it takes to truly mature as a man
  • You will understand what you can do to let go of the immature boy in you in a healthy way
  • Possibilities to realize your growth in your life
  • Understanding the key principles and conditions without which you cannot move forward

Webinar speakers

Gregor Steinmaurer

therapist, mentor, guide
I practice systemic therapy, conduct seminars, teach meditation and am completely devoted to research and discovery of Consciousness and life in its entirety. While studying history and philosophy, I got to know the teachings of the famous teacher and mystic Osho. This led me to India where I began to study therapy and group management. I teach and work with many different Eastern and Western methods, e.g. Intensive Awareness, Tibetan Pulse Healing, Zen Mentoring and Gestalt, Bodywork and Massage, Energy Sensing, NLP, Primary Therapy and Trauma Healing (somatic experiencing). I lead workshops around the world with the intention of integrating meditation, therapy and new approaches to healing into a new form of Spirituality. I also collaborate with Komala Amorin on the topics of male-female polarity and relationships within the "Training for Life" trainings. My greatest passion and nourishment is meeting people with the intention of mutual inspiration and deepening the awareness of what it means to live a conscious, full and joyful life .

Václav Němeček

mentor, lecturer a guide
7 years of leadership of the Men's Strength program (2013-2018) 6+ years of conducting training for couples Partner Path 12+ years of personal and couple mentoring experience co-creator of the online programs The Way of a True Man, The Evolution of a Man co-creator of the Reprogram Your Mind for Abundance online program I exclusively support what is in you. I am looking for your natural dynamism and tendency of what you really want and need. I avoid moralizing and how things should be right. I will guide you to be more accepting of your shadows, the parts that you are afraid of and that limit you in life so that you can be a stronger and more mature man. I work slowly, in small steps. Thanks to my presence and attention, I expand the space of your awareness in the relationship so that you can open up more and get to know your true self and its needs. And if needed, as a mentor I will share my years of relationship and life experience, how I would handle the given situation, so that you could inspire and that you can find your way in it. If necessary, I will recommend daily practice to anchor the changes in reality.


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