Join a webinar for men who walk a path to a more rich, conscious and fulfilling life

Paul Lloyd Robson

Gregor Steinmaurer

Václav Němeček

Wednesday 9th November

from 18:00 till 20:00 CET

Attendance fee - 10 EUR

9th November


Sexual mastery is a holistic approach to master one's own libido, passions and drive, to take control of your life, and to realise your goals for sexuality, relationships and every other area of life. It entails gaining the ability to channel your energy into the creativity of living a meaningful life.

How should we set about to master our sexuality? On the one hand, some advocate complete abandonment of all cultural norms and values as well as deconditioning of all socialisation - complete freedom to follow emotional impulses is seen as the path forward. On the other hand, others advocate for a return to strict traditional norms and structures such as state sanctioned and regulated marriage - only through discipline and reducing personal freedom can we control the sexual dragon.

In this discussion, three men from across Europe, Paul from Denmark, Vaclav from the Czech Republic and Gregor from Austria will take up this conversation. We are looking to transcend typical oppositions, listen and learn from perspectives different from our own, and understand how men can take control of their sexuality to move from a state of slavery to one of integrated and embodied mastery.


9th November at 18:00 CET


Zoom meeting link will be provided after registration and payment of 10 EURO attendance fee.

Webinar mentors

Paul Lloyd Robson, Václav Němeček & Gregor Steinmaurer

Gregor Steinmaurer

Gregor Steinmaurer is a systemic therapist, coach and international Facilitator with over 20 years experience in working with people. He holds a Master Degree in Counseling Psychology, a Trauma Therapist (SE, NARM), and is trained in a broad spectrum of approaches to human development. Works in private practice and lives in Austria and Berlin, and teaches internationally workshops and Trainings. He has been working with Couples and offering long-term Trainings for Men for over 15 years. He is a senior lecturer at the Academy of Inner Science, and senior transformational faculty at Mobius Executive Leadership, bringing the tools for change and transformation to Executives and Leaders engaged in business and societal change.

Václav Němeček

Has been leading men to their vision, truth and strength for more than 10 years now, for 6 years he led year long trainings of men's groups with the Men's Circle, which he co-created with other mentors. He founded and led the men’s circles in several cities in the Czech republic. He was one of the mentors of a very successful on-line programme The Way Of A Superior Man and he is the co-creator and mentor of the Evolution of man program. He was at the birth of the Conscious Male Sexuality training (now The Art of Conscious Relationship for Men). I have always been deeply moved by how most guys find that they fail to live fulfilling relationships with women. And so my journey leads me to support other men through my own transformation to live happier and more fulfilling relationships. I have been working intensively with couples for more than 5 years, together with my wife. We create, lead and hold the unique annual partner training Partner journey.. Since 2019, we have supported and helped couples together in the form of countless couple sessions and therapies. He is 43 years old, in his 8th year of a fulfilling, joyful and passionate relationship with his wonderful wife Jana, they have been married for 6 years now, and have 3 daughters (2 are my step-daughters).

Paul Lloyd Robson

Paul is the co-founder and leader of Maniphesto. He is on a mission to restore manhood and together with an amazing team, he started European Men’s Gathering in 2017, which has grown to be the European hub for men’s leadership training. He runs Maniphesto Core, a platform for online men’s mastermind groups. He also engages other thought leaders in discussions in order to bring together the men and the ideas which will enable us to create a new story about men.