How to grow up relationally and sexually?

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The Art Of Conscious Relating

15th February 2024, 18:00 - 21:00

Centrum Loreto (1. floor), Štorchova 1555/5, (Rohan island), Prague 8

Gregor Steinmaurer

The "Art of Conscious Relating" training is a self-experiential training that has so far brought inner transformation to more than 200 men. As a result, they live fuller, truer and more whole lives and partnerships with women today.

The topic of moving from the thinking, consciousness and behavior of a boy to the consciousness and responsible actions of a grown man is a very big one in our world.

Living in a grown man's body doesn't mean you're living as a fully grown man. Just look around the world. Influential leaders and politicians often act like little boys, stuck in a sandbox fight over who has the biggest toys. Unfortunately, these toys are now atomic bombs and can destroy our world.

In this intro evening we will look at the principles that allow us to truly mature, grow and change. How to do it to really grow up? What does it take? To make you feel really good about yourself, that you are a proud man next to your wife...

An immature man often manifests himself as a passive child who waits for what the partner invents and creates in the relationship...

Change and growth are natural to life, but sometimes you can feel stuck somewhere along the way. Although growth is natural, it is not always a given that we will actually fully mature, become a fully mature, responsible, grounded and resilient adult man.
If we resist the natural cycle of change, we begin to suffer. If there is enough suffering, we can be motivated to change, but sometimes we just don't know how.

If we want to change to please our partner, hope to get more love and attention from others, or simply want to impress the world, we may not get very far.

There are many principles from ancient traditions, new understandings of neuroscience, and plain old common sense that inform and guide this work—but the most important thing is to find out who you really want to become as a man.


Wednesday 15th February 2024, 18:00 - 21:00


Centrum Loreto (1. floor)
Štorchova 1555/5
(Rohan island)
Prague 8



  • Are you ashamed of your sexuality and desire for sex and afraid to fully express yourself sexually?
  • Do you feel like you are weak, clueless and good-guy in your relationship with your wife and don't know what your wife wants from you?
  • Do you feel like you lack depth, satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships?
  • Are you looking to connect with yourself – your power, your ability to be loving and open and to be guided by a higher purpose?
  • Do you want to take your experience and understanding of sexuality and love to a new level?
  • Jsi ochoten se ponořit do vědomých vztahů hrdinskou mužskou cestou ?
  • Are you willing to dive into conscious relationships the heroic male way?

If you answered YES at least once,
then this training is for you and read on.

This training is an opportunity and a space for you to renew your love and connection with your masculine self, with your vitality and consciousness in a supportive circle of other men with the same commitment. This can refresh you and your body, make your emotional life richer and more stable, bring focus and clarity to your daily life, fuel your passion for truly fulfilling relationships with women, and understand how handling sexual energy consciously and lovingly can become a gateway to connect with the divine. In order to create a healthy and deep connection with the feminine world, we must first understand ourselves in the masculine role. We will take the space and time to explore what drives our instincts and what our souls desire. In this training you will connect with your pre-existing qualities and source as well as develop a more intimate relationship with your challenges and what you normally try to avoid and keep in the dark.

You will repeatedly give space to develop a relationship with our life purpose or inner guidance, with our life's "navigational North Star". To feel grounded, safe, and clear in intimate relationships, you need to know your own values and be committed to practicing them.

Connecting with sexuality can put us in touch with some of the deepest and most unconscious forces in our lives. And encountering these forces under the guidance and support of other committed men has incredible healing potential where we have the opportunity to invite our shadows into the light of human contact and loving presence.

Art of Conscious Relating Training Mentors 2024

Gregor Steinmaurer

mentor, therapist
I practice systemic therapy, conduct seminars, teach meditation and am completely devoted to research and discovery of Consciousness and life in its entirety. While studying history and philosophy, I got to know the teachings of the famous teacher and mystic Osho. This led me to India where I began to study therapy and group management. I teach and work with many different Eastern and Western methods, e.g. Intensive Awareness, Tibetan Pulse Healing, Zen Mentoring and Gestalt, Bodywork and Massage, Energy Sensing, NLP, Primary Therapy and Trauma Healing (somatic experiencing). I lead workshops around the world with the intention of integrating meditation, therapy and new approaches to healing into a new form of Spirituality. I also collaborate with my partner Komala on the topics of male-female polarity and relationships within the trainings "Training for Life". My greatest passion and nourishment is meeting people with the intention of mutual inspiration and deepening the awareness of what it means to live consciously, fully and joyfully life.

Václav Němeček

+420 776 625 165
7 years leading Male Power training (2013-2018) 6+ years leading training for couples Partner Path 12+ years of personal and couple mentoring experience co-creator of online programs True Man's Journey, Male Evolution co-creator of online program Reprogram your mind to abundance Exclusively I support what is in you. I am looking for your natural dynamism and tendency of what you really want and need. I avoid moralizing and how things should be right. I will guide you to be more accepting of your shadows, the parts that you are afraid of and that limit you in life so that you can be a stronger and more mature man. I work slowly, in small steps. Thanks to my presence and attention, I expand the space of your awareness in the relationship so that you can open up more and get to know your true self and its needs. And if needed, as a mentor I will share my years of relationship and life experience, how I would handle the given situation, so that you could inspire and that you can find your way in it. If necessary, I will recommend daily practice to anchor the changes in reality.